Conrad the Healer


I reckon you've heard of the name Conrad Sheldon; else you wouldn't be here. Everyone in Hicksville knows his name. He was born with a rare learning disorder. All throughout his days, he was licked in every task by no fault of his own. He struggled as he might to spell, but he served his purpose well.

You see, Conrad Sheldon had a heart of pure gold. Most folks, well, they never back down from a fight. Conrad was different. Conrad would face a fight with a kind of innocence about him. Some of them folks wrote it off as mere ignorance. Conrad just sought to share in his love of life. He knew nothing of resentment. Hicksville is a better place having known him.

If you should permit me the time, I'll tell you more about Conrad Sheldon.

What was that? The next bus out of Hicksville aint for another three hours yet. Sure, we have plenty of time. Allow me to start from the beginning...


Just Another Day 3: The Gathering

Just Another Day 3: The Gathering is a story set prior to, during and following Just Another Day 2: Perchance to Dream. As always, it is meant to inspire. It is, after all, a work of fiction. If you should find a few truths along the way, that is okay.

Life, the ultimate expression of self. To experience that which cannot be experienced in any other form. The unknown; the uncertainty; the risk which arises only from the act of being physically tethered. Life is, in and of itself, a school system. A place to learn; to grow; to evolve consciousness. A place to experience a wide range of emotions. One cannot truly appreciate happiness without knowing sadness, and one cannot know sadness without knowing happiness. It is the yin and the yang of existence. We are the universe experiencing itself and our journey has only just begun...

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