Just Another Day 3: The Gathering

Just Another Day 3: The Gathering is a story set prior to, during and following Just Another Day 2: Perchance to Dream. As always, it is meant to inspire. It is, after all, a work of fiction. If you should find a few truths along the way, that is okay.

Life, the ultimate expression of self. To experience that which cannot be experienced in any other form. The unknown; the uncertainty; the risk which arises only from the act of being physically tethered. Life is, in and of itself, a school system. A place to learn; to grow; to evolve consciousness. A place to experience a wide range of emotions. One cannot truly appreciate happiness without knowing sadness, and one cannot know sadness without knowing happiness. It is the yin and the yang of existence. We are the universe experiencing itself and our journey has only just begun...

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Just Another Day Postmortem

Just Another Day was a work of semi-fiction. Actual events blended with fiction. If you should find a few truths along the way, that is okay.

Just what the hell happened in Just Another Day's final chapter?

I get asked this question a lot. Like, three whole people already! Just Another Day came about in the aftermath of two sudden losses. My uncle and aunt passed away just a week apart in the spring of 2014. Not very long after which, a rather severe debate engulfed much of the family on Facebook. I eventually took it upon myself to quit the service. I would come to find solace in creative writing. I have always admired the serenity of Japanese culture and wanted to tell a story that began there. As the story came into fruition, it became clear that I myself was Aratana Hajimari - I myself would die that day. Nobody wants to picture their own death, but it presented me with an interesting writing challenge. Just how would I process everything in my final hours on Earth? And what ultimately caused my fatal heart attack? It led to a somewhat horrific third chapter. I knew that I would have to deal with something difficult. More difficult than my own death. The story sadly dictated the revelation that my eldest brother, Patrick, had passed away a year earlier. Having lived in Japan for twenty-something years, I had naturally lost touch with the family. It weakened my heart enough to become the catalyst for my own death later in that chapter. Foreshadowing can sometimes be a bitch.