Just Another Day 2: Perchance to Dream

Just Another Day 2 is a story set nine years after Just Another Day. Once more, it is meant to inspire. It is, after all, a work of fiction. If you find a few truths along the way, that is fine.

Since the dawn of ages, dreams have played an important role in the evolution of mankind. Without them, there would be no innovation - no change. For they are what drive the spirit of man forward. That which gives them their passion - their sense of ambition. Dreams can sometimes carry quite powerful messages. Often overlooked in a constantly advancing world. One need only listen and the truths of the universe will become known. A world unto itself awaits those with patience...

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Game Over Day (Aborted)

Sega Genesis: In the age before time - before the expanse that came to be known as The Universe - there was immense joy and warmth of spirit. It was an age without pain or sorrow. Beings of splendor would circle a precious white light in a song and dance of pure merriment, basking in the forces of love. It was paradise. But it was not destined to remain this way forever. For having never experienced pain, these beings were unable to truly appreciate that paradise. This became the yin and the yang of existence. One cannot appreciate happiness without knowing sadness, and one cannot know sadness without knowing happiness. Thus, the white light opened the door to a new form of being. One which most welcomed with excitement and a genuine sense of wonder. Some, however, were unwilling to make the change, wishing to remain in their euphoric state. One gutsy being would even try to seize power for itself, only to be cast out from the experience of either world. As a brave new frontier - The Universe - came into being, darkness was separated from the light, and solid masses began to take shape. They came to be known as planets and stars. Soon, the breath of life - the essence of being in the new world - gave way to organisms of all shapes, sizes and colors. It was simply majestic to behold. The beings of the light entered into their new existence with a strange sense not known to them before. That which is the unknown. What will they be? Whatever will be, will be...